About Us

The Pro Family Group was created as a way for people in the area to meet, network, and support each other. We exchange information, listen to poetry readings, and give short presentations at each meeting..

Whether it's a career goal, a family goal, or a personal goal, the group helps empower all members of a family to reach them.

Connecting with others who share similar interests and values is refreshing, energizing, and motivating for those who have participated in these groups. Along with finding new friends, many have made new colleagues and changed their lives by enrolling in school, finding a new job, or learning new techniques to improve their marriages and parenting. The Pro Family Group is a non-profit organization based in California.



Women and men will be supported in their career and family choices through group interaction and job placement. We will also provide an environment through which older adults can gather to share their experiences and skills. Our goal is to provide an environment in which individual needs and interests are validated...